Dynamic Shelving: Creating Accessible, Engaging, & Independently Navigable Collections

Join high school librarian and MLIS professor Kelsey Bogan to learn about Dynamic Shelving, her viral library organization philosophy, which provides a fun, engaging, and dynamic alternative to the traditional “static shelving” technique of organizing books in rows of outward-facing spines.

Dynamic Shelving encourages us to identify what strategies aren’t working in our library collections and to try out new and varied techniques to increase accessibility, prioritizing smaller and highly relevant collections which allow room for more browsable shelving techniques such as front-facing, chunking, color-coding, mini & pullout displays, clear signage, and more, to make collections more dynamic, browsable, and accessible.

This session is full of practical tips and examples, providing plenty of actionable ideas you can try immediately in your libraries to increase user engagement and independence!

Kelsey is a high school Librarian, an adjunct Professor for SJSU’s MSLIS program, and a professional Speaker/Presenter who most enjoys teaching media literacy, utilizing social media for advocacy and community building, and implementing antiracism and equity work into collection & program development efforts. Connect with Kelsey on Twitter @kelseybogan, Instagram & Tiktok @gvhslibrary, or on her blog dontyoushushme.com!

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