Productivity Tools: Creating A Productivity Routine

Are you having a hard time staying on top of tasks either at work or at home? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the apps and systems available? Don’t let yourself get unnecessarily stressed. In this productivity-focused session, we will cover:

  • How to find a good productivity routine that works for your style
  • The differences between digital tools and analog tools (i.e., just paper and pen  no computer required)
  • Ways to use a digital app better to manage the status and priorities of your tasks
  • Analog tools such as a bullet journal and time-blocking that can help with digital overwhelm

Instructor: Rachel Eichen

Rachel Eichen has over 14 years of in-person and remote teaching experience in a variety of industries, including casinos, financial institutions, restaurants, hospitals, and libraries. She even taught computer classes on a cruise ship! In a former life, she was a technical writer. Rachel holds a Master’s in Library & Information Science and a bachelor’s in Technical Writing. She lives outside Las Vegas and works in the finance industry.

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