Streamline staff development with our comprehensive software: assess, track, and analyze training needs while notifying staff of ongoing sessions effortlessly.

Our training management system will your library keep track of and manage staff knowledge in one central location.

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Skill Assessments

Use pre-existing skill assessments or develop your own to evaluate individual skill levels in both technology and soft skills.

Assign assessments to individuals, positions, locations, or other user groups as needed.

Post-assessment or re-assessments can be assigned following required trainings are completed. 

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Training Management

Allocate training based on assessments, calendar dates, custom user groups, or job positions.

Employees have the ability to track their own skill levels, access suggested training, and retake assessments as required.

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What training can you utilize? Our software allows you to utilize training from any source.

Novare offers training through Niche Academy, in addition our software will allow you to connect to any Niche training, in-house or local training, or other regional training your staff can access.

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Produce reports detailing individual training requirements, overall training trends highlighting gaps and skill enhancements, as well as completed training sessions.

Reports are available to administrations, department or branch managers, and individuals.

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