Making the Most of Your Library’s eBook Collection: Marketing, Selection and More

Library digital collections have grown by leaps and bounds since the early days of e-book lending. In this tutorial, Nick Tanzi examines the current state of library digital collections and addresses the unique challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding of the current digital landscape
  • Knowledge of popular technologies used to access content
  • Exploration of best practices for staff training
  • Introduction to innovative local digital collection platforms and collections
  • Strategies for marketing eCollections

Overall, this tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of managing and promoting eBooks and other digital content in libraries, including current trends, financial challenges, and practical strategies for increasing engagement with digital collections.

Presenter: Nick Tanzi

Nick Tanzi has been incorporating emerging technologies into the library as a children’s librarian, the founding member of a digital services department, and most recently, as the Assistant Director of the South Huntington Public Library.

During this time, he has spoken in the U.S. and abroad on topics ranging from social media marketing to 3D printing. He is the author of Making the Most of Digital Collections through Training and Outreach (2016) and Best Technologies for Public Libraries (2020).

He writes The Wired Library column for Public Libraries Magazine. Tanzi was named a 2017 Dewey Fellow by the New York Library Association and currently serves as President of its Making and STEAM Round Table. His blog is

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