Weeding is a critical component of collection development and is necessary to ensure our collections remain current, relevant, and accessible to our library user communities. It can often seem daunting, partly due to the sheer scope and complexity of deciding what to weed or keep and partly due to the misconceptions many in our user communities have when they perceive the library to be “getting rid of perfectly good books.”

But with finite shelf-space, continuously shifting community resource needs, and a charge to develop relevant, updated, equitable, and accessible collections for our users, weeding must be done continuously and robustly.

Join Kelsey Bogan, a high school librarian and MLIS professor, to learn about why libraries weed, practical weeding tips and tricks, and how to educate your community about the importance of weeding.

Kelsey is a high school Librarian, an adjunct Professor for SJSU’s MSLIS program, and a professional Speaker/Presenter who most enjoys teaching media literacy, utilizing social media for advocacy and community building, and implementing antiracism and equity work into collection & program development efforts. Connect with Kelsey on Twitter @kelseybogan, Instagram & Tiktok @gvhslibrary, or on her blog dontyoushushme.com!

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