How to Create Free Digital Breakouts for Libraries

Digital breakouts are immersive online experiences not unlike their wildly popular counterparts, escape room games. These interactive diversions pose exciting challenges for players to overcome and, along with them, opportunities for libraries to impart learning outcomes and skill sets. Explore the ins and outs of setting up these engaging games for patrons and students.

This webinar discusses all of the details of how to set up Google sites to host games, Google forms for creating virtual locks to challenge patrons, what types of puzzles to create, how libraries are already using them, etc.

Instructor: Ellyssa Valenti Kroski

Ellyssa Valenti Kroski is the Director of Innovation and Engagement at the New York Law Institute as well as an award-winning editor and author of 75 books, including Law Librarianship in the Age of AI, for which she won the AALL’s 2020 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award. She is a librarian, an adjunct faculty member at San Jose State University, and an international conference speaker. She received the 2017 Library Hi Tech Award from the ALA/LITA for her long-term contributions in the area of Library and Information Science technology and its application. She can be found at:

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