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We know everyone is tracking us on the web.  Knowing a seeing, however, can really make a difference. Facebook’s new Off Facebook Activity shows who is capturing data on you using Facebook.  It’s alarming to say the least. 

The information is somewhat buried:  Settings > Your Facebook Information > Off Facebook Activity.  Personally, 807 companies tracking me! It is eye-opening.    

Facebook Screenshot

But what do they know about me – other than I like to dream about travel, clothes and read about topics of interest… well, this is where it gets even more ‘creepy.’

Facebook Information Collected

Not ready to delete your account. I do recommend you spend some time going through these settings.  

1-  Review your ad settings at a minimum.  Where are they pulling this information, who are they sharing it with? For example, do you want your friends to know you like a company based on their ad?

2- What topics do you see?! What companies are displaying?


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