Attendees had to create and present mini training sessions during the workshop.

File it under, what they didn’t teach me in Library School – but we didn’t have a course on becoming the technology trainer at the library. Educating multiple users on new technologies is becoming more common in libraries as technology continues to grow and become more essential to everyday life. We have: databases, specialized software, makerspaces and ebooks.

Our users have: tablets, phones and technology gaps – and need our help. The library is often where users experience new technology and/or look for help.

This session was presented at SEFLIN in Boca Raton, Florida. The interactive session brought library staff through the process of creating a training from beginning to end.  The workshop took participants through the entire process of creating workshops including:

  • course development
  • promotion and marketing
  • actual session
  • follow-up.

We discussed training for seniors and teens – and everyone in between. During the workshop, we discussed training fellow staff members – and the public on library resources.  The session provides practical advice as well as a large amount of free resources librarians can utilize to help make their session more successful.

The slides from the session are available for download.

Train the Trainer Slides