Through training, website design, and management, I am constantly learning. Instead of wayward bookmarks on my browser and notes to myself, it would be fun and valuable to gather new tools, techniques, products, and ideas into a semi-regular blog post. Here is the summer compilation, along with my 2022 projects.

What I am working on

The original inception of these posts was going to be monthly; however, 2022 has been busy! I am very excited about the projects I am currently working on:

  • PLAN ARPA Project. PLAN project helping rural libraries within their region. This multi-pronged approach assists rural libraries through four different components:
    • Emergency Technology. PLAN staff and libraries purchased and implemented technology that had an immediate need to help the library serve its community.
    • Technology Planning. Novare is helping four library systems evaluate current technology, user, stakeholder, and staff needs and create a plan for technology within their library.
    • Websites. Novare is creating new websites for three libraries (Holmes County, Calhoun County, and Washington County) and the Florida Library Training Page.
    • Training. PLAN and Novare staff created a digital assessment tool for all staff in eight counties. The survey identified technology knowledge gaps. We are developing targeted training to help bridge the gaps, so all staff feels more comfortable, engaged, and empowered to utilize the technology needed for their job.
  • Course – Technology in Libraries. This six-week course through InfoPeople blends asynchronous learning and three live sessions for library staff across the US (and Canada!). Designed as a practical look at technology today, this course will help attendees grow more confident in utilizing hardware and software to deliver users’ services and save time and effort in their daily tasks. This interactive 6-week course satisfies all of the Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) competency areas for technology.
  • Florida Library Jobs. Novare is assisting SEFLIN Staff in a complete overall of the existing website.

Tools to Get the Job Done

Phishing Quiz

Great for using as an opening in training users or for helping train staff or yourself.

a11y project

An easy-to-understand checklist for accessibility on the web.

What I’m Reading, Listening To

Jana DeLeon Miss Fortune Mysteries

A completely irrelevant and hysterical break from the real world.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Old school Hollywood is explored. I am listening via Libby and I can’t wait to get my earbuds back in.