There are so many digital tools available to us. But, which ones are the most useful for digital marketing and web design? This post will explore my personal toolkit and explore mostly free and a few low-cost solutions to help create.

Canva Logo


Free for non-profits, and a $120 annual fee for a basic account. This one-stop place for digital marketing is worth every cent. It has replaced several separate subscriptions. The Pro version has social media and business templates. The software offers collaborative editing, graphics, icons, stock photos and so much more.

Unsplash Logo


Over two million free high-resolution images on any topic you can imagine. The website offers royalty-free images from a legitimate source. (Goodbye untrustworthy Google Image searches.) Unsplash offers curated content including an education section and diverse models in the images.

Power Point Logo

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint can often be overlooked as a tool for digital marketing. But, it might be one of the top options out there. Start with resizing your slide size for the platform. Then utilize their stock images, shapes, and icons available in Microsoft 365 and you are well on your way for marketing with an impact. The final product can be saved as an editable PPT and exported as an image.

ADA Checkers

There are two great tools that are easy for the non-technical person to understand.

  • WebAim both a website you plugin in a website and evaluate and a browser plugin. It identifies potential issues with ADA compliance.
  • Tota11y A browser plugin that is easy to understand and identifies ADA issues. I really like the contrast checker which recommends solutions to contrast issues.

More on ADA Resources in this past post.