Many libraries have unique digital collections. You can view 3-D models of coins and dinosaur bones and examine digitized quilts and musical instruments. These are the online hidden treasures of state libraries, college and university libraries, special collections, archives, and museums. The trick is how to find them.

In this tutorial, you will learn about digital collections from around the United States. These collections cover topics like advertising, art, food, science, history, and culture. You will learn where to find oral histories, postcard collections, bird models, beer labels, fashion plates, funeral programs, recipes, and so much more. You never know when one of these will come in handy, but you will know where to find them.

Instructor: Kira Smith

In addition to her role as a Virtual Reference Specialist for Florida’s Ask a Librarian service and helping coordinate a statewide delivery service, Kira also freelances as a researcher for journalists. She has master’s degrees in Library Science and Education. She is a former elementary school teacher and childbirth educator and enjoys teaching, technology, and travel.

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