Teen Brain Development and Behavior: Insights on Building Better Connections with Teens in the Library

The history of teens and the library has been clear-cut up until now: teens use the library for books, academics, and the internet. But times have changed. Teens are increasingly looking for a comfortable spot to hang out, learn new things and have fun!

By the end of this training, you will better understand how the teen mind works and how meeting youth between the ages of 13 and 18 where they are can help build a population often overlooked in the community.

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Intstructor: Kristen Bardes

Kristen C. Bardes has devoted her life to working with underserved populations. As an Education Advocate for foster care and at-risk teens, Kristen has a deep understanding of their behaviors and how to communicate best with the teen population and would like to share this information with others who may not feel comfortable working with teens. Kristen and her daughter, Scout, live in Tampa, FL, where they love doing anything outside.

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