Making Emails Count: Creating Professional Emails that Get Results

Email is not going away – we continue to rely on it and get overwhelmed by it.

Therefore, we need to heighten our game of creating emails that the intended recipients will open, understand our ideas and feelings correctly, and create a digital presence that reflects who we are in the physical world. Work email is a blend of communication with co-workers, our users, and other professionals within our community or profession.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the best practices for creating the best emails for your audience. To help
you take your email to the next level, we will explore the following:

  • Creating subject lines that work
  • Using To, CC, and BCC effectively
  • Crafting the best message for your audience
  • Best Practices for effective email communication

As a Learning and Talent Development Advisor, Diana is passionate about providing training content to build staff capabilities. Her favorite topics include project management and personal development skills such as communication and team building. Diana believes a learning mindset is key to continued advancement and success.

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