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Going Digital At Work

Going Digital is a three week series introducing attendees to productivity and team management tools to make teams work more efficiently.

Online Safety @ the VIP Conference

Recent presentation on Online Safety at TBLC’s Annual VIP Conference on August 12th helping library staff and their users. Hacking! Cookies! Malware! Privacy – learn how to protect yourself and your users online.

Email Marketing with MailChimp

Slides from a recent presentation on Email Marketing for Libraries using Mailchimp. Presented through Florida Library Webinars.

Removing Static from Videos

This brief step-by-step guide will help you remove static from videos and podcasts you create using open source and free software.

Virtual Collaboration

Communication with co-workers, users and decision-makers is vital for libraries – how can we enable this same level of sharing and communication?

Cardboard and Virtual Reality

On April 21, Novare presented on Google Cardboard for SWFLN libraries. The course description: Enter the world of virtual reality where the virtual and real worlds collide in an amazing and immersive way. Virtual Reality brings together an immersive video and audio...

Training the Technology Trainer

File it under, what they didn't teach me in Library School - but we didn't have a course on becoming the technology trainer at the library. Educating multiple users on new technologies is becoming more common in libraries as technology continues to grow and become...

Organizing Your Data

Organizing your data was presented to NEFLIN members on March 29th.   The course description was: Organizing Your Data: Zotero, Evernote and other tools to Organize Research With the constant influx of new information - it is hard to keep track of information. How...

Online Safety Workshop

A workshop presented through TBLC, explores how librarians can stay safe and understand privacy in the digital age- with a focus on how to present these issues to users in a productive and effective manner.

Brian Pichman – Tampa Series

Novare Library Services is thrilled to be part of bringing Brian Pichman from the Evolve Project to Tampa. He is doing a series of workshops for Tampa – Hillsborough Public Library Cooperative and having a general session for the public.

Getting Digitally Organized

Being digitally organized can bring more than the obvious benefits. Being organized in your home, work and in our digital space can help you become overall more productive, have less anxiety and/or stress and give you additional time to complete work...

Train the Trainer Workshop

Presented at SWFLN, the Train the Trainer workshop took attendees through the process of developing a technology workshops for their users.