Personas 101 - Lady smiling

Personas are fictitious profiles of your users – or potential users developed to help you create marketing and services to help target audiences.

They can be really powerful tools to help staff ensure the resources and services we offer are hitting the mark.

There are a lot of great sites to help you delve into creating effective personas providing tips for creating personas that work to free templates.


    A few keys to success with personas:

    • 3-5 is typically a good place to start. The number of profiles might be larger especially for libraries with diverse user bases.
    • Include a picture and basic biographical information to make the persona more real.
    • Think about: motivations, goals, and pain points for this individual. The more you think about these pain points, the more useful the persona. For example, what are the barriers to service they face? Information Literacy, connectivity, time, devices, transportation are a few examples. If your library is looking at a specific service, how can you help the user overcome these obstacles?

    Persona Resources on the Web: