Through training, website design, and management, I am constantly learning. Instead of wayward bookmarks on my browser and notes to myself, it would be fun and valuable to gather new tools, techniques, products, and ideas into a monthly blog post. Here is the January compliation.

Tools to Get the Job Done


Creates a browser plugin to help check your website for ADA issues. It is easy to understand and helps you find header, label, alt-tags, and color contrast issues and the solutions.


Convert VTT files to SRT files seamlessly. Zoom has closed -captioning that is getting better every day. When you save to the cloud, you are able to download your captions to VTT file with the captions. We recently started posting our archives to Niche Academy for Florida Library Webinars. Niche requires SRT files.  This site has made it easy for me to convert without pulling my hair out.

UX Collective

Interesting article, “Why do we round corners?” It explores shape theory and web design, logos, and fonts.

What I’m Reading, Listening To

Murdaugh Murders Podcast

Mandy Matney follows and breaks down the unbelievable tale of murder, cover-ups, money laundering and so much more of this prominent South Carolina family. She is good at sticking to the facts, exclusive interviews, and insight. 

Killer Research

Author Jenn McKinlay’s newest book in the Library Lovers’ Series.