Presented at NEFLIN on February 9th, we had a fun hands-on day working with a variety of Makerspace resources from Novare and the NEFLIN Equipment Loan Service. From sewing machines to robotics to beginning electronics to 3d printing, this workshop gave participants a chance to get hands-on with various devices.

Course Description:

Creating a space in your library for users to make is a trend that is continuing to grow. Whether you are considering a small portable Makerspace or a permanent space in your library – this workshop will help take new and existing makerspaces to the next level.

During the session, we will explore:

  • What is a Makerspace – and what does this word encompass including all aspects of STEAM education
  • How to make the case for a Makerspace
  • How to plan for a Makerspace your community will use
  • Implementation and management of a Makerspace or program
  • Programming and planning to make your program/space an ongoing success