Being digitally organized can bring more than the obvious benefits. Being organized in your home, work and in our digital space can help you become overall more productive, have less anxiety and/or stress and give you additional time to complete work efficiently. During this webinar, for the Tampa Bay Library Consortium, we explored: 

1. how to remove unnecessary files, programs and more from your digital life. 
2. How to better organize our current digital files and
3. How to streamline incoming knowledge so its not as overwhelming.

Here is the official course description and slides:

With multiple devices and information from a thousand sources, it is easy to end up with information overload, jumbled messes of files and overall digital chaos. This can stifle productivity and create additional stress in our already over-stressed lives. Join us to explore how to:

– Cut your digital clutter
– Organize incoming information through social media, RSS feeds as well as online & mobile tools
– Create easy ways to store and retrieve information when you and where you need through cloud services
– How to automate and simplify your online life
– Learn the best tools to help your productivity at the library