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At SWFLN‘s Tech Day, I presented three sessions. The morning session on Digital Privacy, a fun lunch presentation on Digital Etiquette and an afternoon session on Digital Organization.

Presentation Description

Today our privacy, and our user’s privacy, is being lost at a rapid rate online. Often willingly, we are giving companies tracking information, access to our friends, photos, and a lot more. During this interactive session, we will discuss the main ways we leave behind digital footprints, we will
learn tools to ensure privacy, how to balance tools and privacy, and discuss the larger issues with privacy in today’s world.

An additional presentation on Organizing Your Technology was presented after lunch.

Presentation Description

Email! Social Media! RSS Feeds! Texts! We have so much digital information arriving from numerous sources and devices, that it is almost impossible to organize it all! During this interactive session, we will discuss how to organize the digital information you already have, and how best to organize new information coming in.