Novare Library Services is thrilled to be part of bringing Brian Pichman from the Evolve Project to Tampa to present on makers, makerspaces and libraries. He is doing a series of workshops for Tampa – Hillsborough Public Library Cooperative and having a general session for the public.

At the public session, he will present “Makers @ the Library”  giving everyone interested a glimpse into how libraries can transform your thinking with the latest games, gadgets, and ideas! We will be exploring the world of makerspaces including robotics, electronics, coding, 3D printing and more. Lead by Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project, discover how the interactive world of “tech gadgets” can lead to new innovations, discovery, and provide a framework for entrepreneurs.

The Evolve Project is a collaborative platform that is dedicated to changing the way people see libraries by partnering with start-up companies around the world to provide unique opportunities for libraries.

Brian Pichman Presents

Brian Pichman presents Makers @ the Library.