AI Avatars from D-ID: Add Punch to Your Presentation

  • D-ID lets you create AI Avatars that can add punch to your presentation. You can use one of their wide variety of avatars, upload one of your own, upload your own image, or create a talking head from scratch using their generative AI.
  • You can choose from over 100 languages, characters, accents, and tones of voice for your Avatar.
  • You can have it speak text that you create or use D-ID’s AI tool to generate a script on the subject of your choice. You can also record your own voice separately, upload it, and use that.


AI generated avatar - woman with blonde hair
  • D-ID is one of several AI Avatar generators. Each one has strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each D-ID plan comes with “X” credits; every 15 seconds of video you create costs one credit.
  • A basic version of D-ID is included with Canva so that you can integrate its tools into other Canva creations.
  • As of mid-2023, D-ID Avatars are not quite good enough to pass for humans in an extended narration. They are more convincing when used in a short (5 to 10-second) video to introduce a topic or reinforce a key point.
  • The Avatars videos you create are saved as .mp4 files, so you can download them and use them wherever you can embed the video.